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Not just another awards show

It's the king of data-driven inspiration

Join the world's greatest data-inspired storytellers to revel in the success of the world's best performing campaigns
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Reflect Greatness

You experience the world differently. You balance art and science with every decision you make. You see your work as a direct reflection of who you are. Uniting the strength of strategic left-brained thinking, with the dynamic vision of right-brained creativity, you strike the perfect balance of data and marketing. You deserve an award that celebrates your unique perspective and unparalleled passion. Be the architect of your fate and earn recognition at the DMA International ECHO® Awards.

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ECHOs honor the greatest among us – across every channel, craft and sector. Checkout the categories


Special ECHO Awards honor greatness at the highest level. CHECK IT OUT.

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The best data-inspired campaigns have been selected. See the Finalists

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The ECHO Board of Governors represent the curators of greatness. Meet the bog


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In the Company of Greatness

Monumental Sponsor Value

Every year, for the past 90 years, the world’s leading data-inspired storytellers and strategists, data scientists and technologists, and data-driven marketers enter the DMA International ECHO Awards for one reason: To be recognized as the best data-inspired marketers in the world.

ECHO Sponsorship delivers impact and visibility leading up to, throughout, and beyond the Awards Ceremony and Creative Festival. Align with ECHO marketing awards as a top level partner or create a custom experience to meet your goals with help from the ECHO team.

Shouldn’t your brand be there to cheer them on?

When you partner with ECHO, you invest in delivering experiential relevance and value to thousands of influencers including marketers, creatives, trendsetters, decision makers, and press – and their millions of collective followers.

Through branded engagements, product integrations, targeted social media efforts, and prominent logo placement, your brand will have tools to educate, entertain, and engage on how it is making a difference in the global digital-inspired marketing industry today.


Judges Yours Is a Call To Influence
Influence Greatness

To be an ECHO judge is to reflect greatness. It means looking ahead – while looking within. And through the eyes of others. It means listening. To your clients. Your consumers. And to your heart. Because you know that’s where greatness lies. And, you need to reflect your greatness to the world.

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DMA ECHO Awards at ANDTHEN 2017
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Entering the ECHO Awards

ECHOs represent the high-water mark in talent and achievement for the data scientists, data-inspired creatives, data technologists and data-driven marketers who are creating meaningful and measurable impact on people, brands and businesses worldwide.